Why We Created Nite Nite

The Story

Most parents today are busy, exhausted and struggle to find time to read to their kids at bedtime. And even when they have time, they are annoyed by paying for expensive children’s books they’ll only read to them once or twice. Not to mention trying to keep their little ones calm and interested long enough to actually get through a story!

That’s where the idea of creating NiteNite started. An app that creates personalized educational stories designed to meet your kids’ unique needs and interests, helping parents make storytime simple and fun with inspiring bedtime stories designed to teach instructive lessons and connect with their kids without breaking the bank.

The Mission

With NiteNite, we want to give you parents a better way of connecting with your child and teaching them valuable lessons through storytime. We want to bring back the lost art of storytelling as a form of communication and connection.

The world is becoming increasingly connected, but at the same time we’re experiencing an increase in loneliness.

We’ve seen so many apps that try to replace the job of a parent to educate their kids, but that is the wrong way to approach technology. Computers and telephones should be viewed as complements for humans, not substitutes. We should empower people rather than trying to make humans obsolete.

With NiteNite, we want to give you, parents, a new and better way to communicate and educate your children through the power of stories.

The Why

Even though we use and have our phones within arm’s reach at all times, we sometimes see them as the enemy, as something we need to use less. Why not use them as a tool to improve our parenting and have happier, healthier kids?

Over the history of humanity, we’ve used stories to pass on valuable lessons and survive. Stories help us feel in control. They help us find order in things that have happened to us and make sense of them. They allow us to learn from another person’s experience, and they can shape, strengthen or challenge our opinions and values.

When a story catches our attention and engages us, we are more likely to absorb its message and meaning than if the same message was presented simply in facts and figures.

NiteNite merges the power of technology with the power of storytelling.